On the run

Igor: - I want to eat, kill, cry, sleep, shout! My God, what happened to me?
Olga: - Dude, this month!

All night she moaned into the pillow and languishing from an intolerable desire.
The dream was alarming and intermittent. Before the end of the diet was two o'clock.

Extract from the menu:
Mocktails "Bewilderment»
(200ml) 400r.

Pomeroy member. Thirty six! Nearly thirty-seven! Now, always be a member of a thermometer to measure)

Your controls the one who makes you angry.

He left the bar, vigorously tapping studs on the asphalt ...

I had a friend in my childhood. Klikuha was Ichthyander. Because when we went Mahal area in the area, he said: "I can not, I'm in the pool».

It revealed!!! Russian football team at the exits always play bad because looking at a new gate.

To cheer myself up, especially when sad, she paints her nails. Sleeping husband.

Uryupinsk scientists compared the composition of bacteria in yoghurt and under the toilet rim and came to the conclusion that sitting on the toilet useful.


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