Marina Targakova. "Window to the world of the child." part 1

* What is it - the philosophy of our family?
* What is the evolution of consciousness and children's crises? How can they survive?
* How to educate your own child?
* Marital problems and the health of your baby.
* How to distinguish between love and manipulation?
* How to say "no" child of different ages?
* What is the role of the father and mother in the education of children?
* Prevent the child's life
* Freedom in the child's life
* Problems of "incomplete" family
* Children's fears
* This is serious
* Education in the family, or the lessons home
* How to teach your child to be happy and successful?
* How to teach a child to love himself and neighbor?

On this and many other things at the seminar Marina Targakovoy "window to the world of the child". The workshop is designed for parents, expectant parents, grandparents, teachers, psychologists, as well as everyone who was once a child and who is not without some interesting findings and scenarios we make of education, and then build on them unknowingly his adult life. The seminar will deal with their fears and limitations learned from his own childhood, find and correct errors in their own pedagogy, get answers to their questions on difficulties with their children, as well as gain the necessary knowledge of literacy, developing education. The ability to nurture with love - one of the greatest human abilities. Helping the developing baby to reveal a divine potential and talents - one of the most noble mission of parents, which fills life with joy and happiness.


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