Alabai Bar. For this it is necessary to put on the long-term.

It happened in the Ukraine, the city of Mariupol.

How cruel and heartless people can be. Central Asian Shepherd Dog - Alabai nicknamed Bara her own home is brought to the state of the skeleton. The dog was deliberately starved hoping that she will soon die. From the food she was given only potato peels. I do not want to wonder if there heart of its owners (the then owners).

Body weight is healthy Alabai an average of 70 kg, the weight of the bars at the time when she fell into the hands of defenders of animals was only 15 kg. The dog has absolutely no muscle, it practically could not move independently, due to the fact that the animal could not hold the weight of his spine, she shook all the limbs.

That she was taken to a veterinary clinic.

Baru saved thanks to indifferent neighbors who have posted photos of a dog on the Internet forums of defenders of animals. Hostess dog questions about this deplorable state of the dog refuses to give comments to journalists, referring to the fact that she was nothing more than feed the three children of their own. When on national television of Ukraine passed a video story about the tragic fate of the unfortunate Alabai, there was very much willing to shelter him at home. Baru took to her family with many children Mariupol.

His action, they do not consider how the heroic, or out of the ordinary. Bar has become their next child in the family. The surprising fact in this story is still something that, in spite of a heavy and painful life, Bara not angry with people and pay them with love and faithfulness.

Bars have made a new friend - 11-year-old alabai living in the family. A Bar ... Bar has found a new family. But the photo she left.

That's what she was beautiful in the hands of a caring family. The families of these people. Whose heart there.

I want to note that almost all the media started to talk about this story unanimously.

Finally. If you meet on the street these eyes, you know - The fate takes you exam. On humanity. Everyone chooses himself what to do.



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