Bar inside the 6000-year-old baobab

Sunland Baobab (Sunland) - commonly known huge baobab in South Africa. It - one of the largest baobabs with a circumference of 47 meters and the height is 19 ~ 22 meters. Regardless of the actual figures all agree that it is - the widest tree in the whole continent. It is so big that it has room in which sufficient room for a small pub. Sunland Baobab is one of the most popular attractions of the area.

But the tree was not cut down in such a way that the pub could be placed inside. The trunk of the tree hollow. In 1933 he established a small pub in the tree, and if you visit it today and there you still will be served a drink. The bar has a ceiling height of h meters and can accommodate 15 people freely inside. The tree is located on a farm owned by the family Van Hird, who takes care of this giant.


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