"In the name of peace" - a noble idea of ​​a Palestinian woman

I have never joined the movement against the war. Call me when you see the peace movement. Mother Teresa
Real woman's business - to help men achieve peace, but only their own way. Infinitely admire those women who are truly feminine way to show people how important it is to live in peace. A resident of the Palestinian village of Bilin, near the town of Ramallah (Palestinian de facto capital), staged anti-war campaign: she collected the body from pomegranate, once filled with tear gas, and flowers planted in them. Improvised pots hung on the border, where the most acute military confrontations between the soldiers of Israel and Palestine.

For many years, the war is waged abroad. Along the so-called security wall Israel is the front line. Two years ago, a keen political conflict provoked new hostilities and death. And in the future it is planned that the Wall will stretch for 700 km along the Jordan River. Both sides, both countries are fighting for their rights. The Israelis believe that fighting for their rights and freedom, the Palestinians believe that Israel oppresses them. War and shooting - the norm for residents of both countries.

This symbol of the world made a strong impression on both sides of the conflict. And who knows, maybe when some people imbued suggestion. In the meantime, the war is ...

And on the other side of the fence, in Israel, a local craftsman creates from grenade shrapnel metal rose.

People want peace.


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