Never to late

99-year-old resident of the US state of Maine graduated from college 75 years later, after she had to get a diploma, reports Associated Press. The reason for this is that it does not pay a fee of five dollars in 1939. Jesse White (Jessie White) took part in the ceremony of receiving the document on education in college Beale (Beal College) in Bangor (Bangor). Mature graduate received a degree in stenography and schetovodstva.

Mrs. White suffered polio, but in spite of illness, for many years worked as a bookkeeper. Her friend, learning about her problem, pay a fee and helped arrange the ceremony. Diploma, according to her, causing her to elation. "Never stop learning. They say that when you stop learning, you age. So I'm not going to finish my studies "- shared the secret of his success graduate.



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