Around the World in 80 Days: book project

An American teacher one day decided to take a trip without leaving the couch. She, being in a decree, has selected 80 books that help you feel the atmosphere of another country, and decided to read them for the year. We can repeat similar - only through the summer. For those interested - the list of the books in this valiant women who have in Russian. This wonderful stories that give a closer look at Afghanistan, Brazil found inside a walk in Germany or Israel. And you can go around the world in 80 books?

1. Afghanistan

The book is about love, about friendship of two women, about the realities of present-day Afghanistan, the attitude towards women. This book is the best reveals the atmosphere and mood of this poor country. Khaled Hosseini once again created a realistic, sensual masterpiece in which you believe, and from which it is impossible to break away.

Very rare books make readers so much to experience, feel like crying ... In reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" on their way to work in the subway, every time I was restrained with great difficulty, not to cry.

2. Austria

"Christina Hoflener" Stephen Zweig - the product of a mysterious and even has no end. It puts the reader a thousand questions without giving precise answers to none of them. Book of Hope that will not come true, about freedom, about the fate of the story of Cinderella in a new way - by the psychologist and the finest singer of the human soul. And this book is an Austrian war years, a generation of people who because of the war lost youth, dreams and have forgotten how to live.

3. Bulgaria

Bulgaria will open for you a postmodern literature and aspiring writer Georgi Gospodinov. His book, "Natural Novel" - is a continuous experiment that recalls the art-house cinema - solid feelings, sensations and try to unravel the author's idea.

The most common impression: author, luring the reader, takes him by the collar and drags into the inner world of lyrical without spending a translator and guide books. And the reader is looking at the sides, and a fly crawling on the ceiling and glittering faceted eyes meaningfully. Unusual places ...

4. Botswana, Africa

Easy, optimistic detective novel "Women's Detective Agency №1» - is bright and colorful guide to Africa, familiarity with its culture and traditions, and on the other - easy, interesting reading to relax and have a good rest. You do not want to walk on Botswana? The writer Alexander McCall Smith will help you with this.

5. Brazil

"Lost City of Z» - books for all those who love adventure, research, expeditions ... want to go in the footsteps of the British colonel and an American journalist deeper into the jungle of the Amazon? Boring certainly will not! The beauty of the book is also the fact that the journalist David Grann describes his own investigation and generously shares with us the real facts, documents and findings. The feeling of real presence and humid tropical air around is guaranteed.

6. Germany

Atmosphere German Marcus Zusaka book "Book Thief" is very different from the picture, but that is no less real. The story in the book is on behalf of death, and all the events taking place in Germany, the war years. But do not be afraid, it is not a military literature with its realism, the book is about something else, about the eternal. The only thing to fear - a lot of typos, which are so generous page of the book. But I think there is not a claim for the author ...

Roman mercilessly tormented all the strings of the soul and mind that only in man, causing him to react. The multi-faceted and full as life itself ... or death itself, as long as he / she is the narrator here.

7. Greece

Writer while the narrator decides to radically change his life and sent to Crete to engage in "worthwhile." His success in getting coal insignificant, but it is there he meets Zorba - incredible in their force and power of the character, which really changes the life of the hero. Nikos Kazantzakis was able to create a beautiful story.

"Zorba the Greek" - it's incredibly bright book, kind, funny and sad at the same time beautiful in the extreme, full of love for man, comically represents the Church and the grand - God, and largely autobiographical. I would like to meet on the way like Zorba. It is a pity that this be impossible, so you need to be born.

8. Ireland

"In the thicket" - a real treasure for fans of detective stories and thrillers and everyone who wants to see at least once evergreen land of Ireland. Evocatively written, the book gives a sense of reality and a long time after reading it you will feel that you are not at home, and somewhere in the long bright green forest of Ireland.

Just take the liberty to recommend other books Tana French, you will not regret.

9. Spain

"Shadow of the Wind" Carlos Safonov is not for nothing called the book puzzles and mazes in one bottle. Mysterious gothic novel in the tradition of his predecessors is so good that it is easy to get lost and not find a way out. Read, be sure to read!

10. Canada

And to finish today's tour book offers bright children's book "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery. This book belongs to the genre "for all" - both children and adults will find in it something special.

The main character of this legendary cult series at first even a little irritated his exaltation, but soon won the unusual cheerfulness, purely literary imagination and the ability to transfer their exclusive fancy sophisticated pretentiously beautiful phrases and rare words.


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