Top 9 books for summer reading. Save yourself and read with pleasure!)

I stayed only a month from May to officially come most welcome and favorite all time of year - summer. In the summer life is (or seems) more easily and carefree. We all look forward to vacations and dream about the moment when the aircraft will find ourselves in a chair where only some few hours separate us from the well-deserved rest.

We offer you a selection of the best books for summer reading, in which you can find many interesting things for tourists and for those who stay at home on vacation.

1. "Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises)," Ernest Hemingway (The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway) h6>
"Do not lose hope. Do not be discouraged. The secret of my success. I do not lose heart. I never lose heart on people ».

Hemingway's first major novel, published in 1926, chronicles the life of a "lost generation" of France and Spain against the backdrop of drunkenness, debauchery and bullfighting, a symbol of the struggle of the novel, in a sense, even the opposition of life and death. Paris during the First World War, wine, witty conversation, the fiesta of Pamplona and the scorching sun - all this in the work of one of the greatest American classics of the XX century. Going on a trip to Europe this summer? Now you know what book to take with you.

2. "A girl of about twenty," Kingsley Amis (Girl, 20, Kingsley Amis) h6>
"What a shame: the interesting question, it is obvious that it is impossible to ask».

Kingsley Amis wrote a story about infidelity, destructive selfishness and blatant stupidity, and he managed to make it incredibly funny. In the center of the narrative conductor who in an attempt to awaken the thirst for life is drawn into an affair with the girl on the order under him. You can imagine how many problems he will face. The narrator, the cynical music critic, so brilliantly satirizes the life conductor that even seemingly banal things in a book presented to irony. Along with Kingsley Amis romanm summer time fly by, no matter where you are.

3. "In Search of Lost Time", Marcel Proust (In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust) h6>
"They say that beauty - is the key to happiness. Or maybe the other way around: the possibility of pleasure is the beginning of beauty ».

The name itself is already intriguing, right? In the works of Marcel Proust fall in love with the first page. The cycle of seven novels undoubtedly change your idea of ​​literature: it is still referred to as the most beautiful work on human consciousness. If you have to spend the summer in the countryside, away from the big city and the charms of civilization, this work, there were approximately three thousand two hundred pages, about half a million words and more than two thousand characters, will not get bored.

4. "As it was," Julian Barnes (Talking It Over, Julian Barnes) h6>
"If you ask me - and I had time to think about it - love, or what people mean by that, there are certain system when you post & ce sa called" cute ".

"Like all been & quot; - The sixth novel by Julian Barnes. The writer has repeatedly been criticized for their works, even wrote about him: "He's too smart for your own peace of mind." "How it was" like playing with well-known to us all questions: what is real, what is not and who's in charge. Find the answers to the reader to be together with the three heroes of the book. The story is incredibly dynamic: it moves, it is fun, in some moments, and seemed upset depressed. Going into one of the hottest months in New York? Then stock up a drink from Starbucks, throw in a bag of any of the novels Barnes - and straight to Central Park, to rest body and soul.

5. "Raise High the Roof Beam," Jerome D. Salinger (Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters, JDSalinger) h6>
"Lord, if I really some clinical case, then perhaps I'm paranoid vice versa. I suspect that people conspire to make me happy ».

Relaxed story written by Jerome D. Salinger. The action takes place in the sweltering summer day in Manhattan, a few hours after the failed marriage of a family member. In the book there are hints and suggestions, it is filled with fragments from the life of the protagonist, but many points still remain open to the reader. Paul Auster wrote in "New York Trilogy", "important and not important speaks for itself." And Salinger brilliantly showed this in his novel. If you will be a short vacation with friends, "Raise High the Roof Beam" - your ideal book.

6. "The Line of Beauty" by Alan Hollinghurst (The Line of Beauty, Alan Hollinghurst) h6>
"That's what it means to be an adult: not deal with those who are pleasant, but those who benefit».

Summer 1983. Twenty r & d by the name of Nick Guest comes to the house Feddenov in Notting Hill. In the courtyard of the boom of the eighties, and Nick, innocence in the world of politics and money, he discovers that his life is changing under the influence of a wealthy family. The emotional and provocative, this British bestseller, who had to join the ranks of modern classics, perfect for reading cool summer evenings on the shore of Lake Geneva or in his homeland for a cup of tea in one of the cafes in the center of London.

7. "You changed my life," Abdel Cellou (You changed my Life, Abdel Sellou) h6>
"He changed my life. And I did - not. Or very much. In the film, all embellished to make it easier to immerse the viewer in a dream. »

Wonderful and drayvovaya book for those who watched the movie "1 + 1". It is more vital and less than the syrup than a movie. It has no such obvious sweet coincidences or appalling mismatches. She is assertive, brash, like its author, he is - the protagonist of the film, Idriss. I must say that self-Idriss Abdel tries to push into the background, and the first release of his boss, the ward, and then another - Philip. The book clarifies many of the points that are left unsaid in the film. The book is, rather, a life - reliability. There is no need Justify life itself is will substantiate. Abdel captures events, it may be stretching the truth, but not muddles. To add a witty remark here, subtract there. Offers concise, imaginative short. Many observations expat Thieves unemployed, become a decent human being, thanks to one paralytic millionaire.

8. "The Forsyte Saga" by John Galsworthy (The Forsyte Saga, John Galsworthy) h6>
"No compromise, no hesitation - do not wander through life, wondering what its meaning and whether it is worth to exist - no, just live - in order to live!»

The famous trilogy of Nobel Prize winner, author chronicles the lives of three generations of the family of the upper middle class, obsessed with money and luxury. "The Forsyte Saga" had a huge impact on the views of Americans and Europeans since the Victorian era, and is still a valuable contribution to the literary arts. If you want to relax and enjoy the fascinating history of the family, full of love, hatred, misery and secrets, without delay, start reading "The Forsyte Saga". Take a novel to cruise to the Bahamas or a trip to North Africa.

9. "Flowers for Algernon" Daniel Keyes (Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes) h6>
"All barriers collapsed. I unwound the thread that gave me Alice out of the maze, and was waiting for me at the exit SHE. I love her. »

The main character of the story, feeble-minded Charlie 37 years, he worked in the washer floor of producing container. Scientists have proposed Charlie participate in an experiment that has been conducted on a mouse named Algernon on. The experiment consisted mainly of surgery on the brain, which relieves dementia. Charlie himself aspired to become smarter, so he agrees to the operation. After the operation, his ability, like Algernon, have developed rapidly, but after a while there comes a regression, and Charlie mental level drops sharply to its former condition and below.
But Charlie is not going to put up with it, he promises himself to try to be smart.


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