Cats - animals that surround abysmal myths.

One of them says about their incredible vitality. Only a cat can, falling, not only broken, and still proudly walk away with a raised tail. They say they have nine lives. Regular or belief still in this is something there?

From the point of view of science legend about 9 cat's life has a logical explanation.

Number nine was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians as sacred. Not surprisingly, the ancient worshipers of cats awarded their favorites, just nine lives. As for the amazing vitality of cats, it is confirmed by the laws of physics, and is based on anatomical and biological facts.

American scientists engaged in research in this area. In the hot season in cats in metropolitan areas is increasing the number of accidents. Of the 132 cats that fell from the windows of skyscrapers higher than 30 floors, 115 animals more or less successfully survived the accident.

At the same time, what was the floor above, the smaller the shock was a cat. Injuring his achilles tendon bone just landed in a not very good location. A shock, a life-threatening earned a total of 17 cats. What is the reason for these miracles?

The vestibular apparatus cat is unique. He allows her to turn the foot to the ground, turning around its axis.

Than the land closer, the rate of fall more.

Cat arching the back and legs rastopyrivat why her body becomes an analogue of the parachute.

Such inhibition reduces the impact force. The greater the height of the drop, the more time the adoption of such a posture.



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