We found a prehistoric stone with "chip"

In the Kuban River we found a prehistoric stone with "chip»

Age lumps - nearly half a billion years
The next two fishermen catch of Labinsk, oddly enough, most were glad not their wives, and local ufologists and paleontologists. Discovered during the "hunt" for carp and silver carp stone draws as much on a scientific sensation!
 - We sat with a friend in the upper streams Hojo (left tributary of the Elbe. - Comm. Aut.), Fish special was not - said "KP" the witness finds Victor Morozov. - At some point, comrade went into the water, something a long time stared at the bottom.
Interest them in the end piece of the fishermen pulled ashore.
 - I myself am a geologist by training, but these pieces of rock I had never met - adds Morozov. - Stone clearly organic origin.

Not to beat around the bush, return home friends gave a curious finding local club "Kosmopoisk».
 - The first thing that caught my eye - an unusual insert in the solid piece of rock the size of a telephone SIM card and looks like a chip - said "KP" a researcher of anomalous phenomena Sergey Frolov.
Of the examination showed - lump lying on the planet before the age of dinosaurs. How it was on the surface of the earth, scientists have yet to figure out. It is possible that the stone was washed out of the mountain of a powerful stream of water.
 - Formed it in times of Devon about 450 million years ago - said "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the Institute of nanotechnology and new materials the South-Russian State Technical University. - Composed mainly of rock fragments of skeletons of sea lilies. The box, which is so interested in the supernatural lovers, stem fragment of living organisms.
Finding Labinskiye fishermen, experts say, although not linked to the activities of extraterrestrial civilizations, but a great value to science. It is not often possible to find paleontologists such vivid evidence of prehistoric life on our planet. After a detailed study of the artifact is likely to be sent for storage to the relevant museum.
P / S away. This is not the first finding. Earlier, the same found in coal mining and bolts and fittings engines of pure platinum and many more. And all this in rocks millions of years old. Such findings have quite a lot and not only in Russia.


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