On the run

The punishment will also be useful if you put the child on askorbinki

The only thing that will be able to develop the Russian space program and stop the decline of domestic satellites - is Putin's flight to Mars.

Crash test a new model of AvtoVAZ did not get to the wall.

Chuck Norris stepped on a mine. And crushed

Robinson felt that virginity is gradually returning to it

-All The same you in the shower blonde
C What makes you think that I'm in the shower?

-I Do not know. I am a woman, I was the main thing - hit the ceiling

The boy tried to catch the boomerang, slowly learning to write with his left hand

Very skinny boy knows where fly balls with helium

 - Meet the man said I was a wonderful woman. May invite him?
 - Nooo! Is not necessary. Let continue to think so!

When you grusno when it is depressed, when life seems worthless ...
Remember that once you were the fastest sperm!

When you pat on the head, it is not praise, and routine check which way she unscrewed.


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