Magic Coal

She was 22, and she was two months in the United States was.
She lived in Hollywood a few days in a hostel with seven Australian assholes.
They once thumped hard, and one of them was well unbearable. She took pity on them and said, well, let's give embers.
They started screaming, they say, you're Russian, or something completely stupid - coal eat. She could not explain to them how it's not coal and wood, especially burned, treated, etc.
In short, all abandoned, and one that is the worst of all was adopted.
Well, she's back in the morning, looks - absolutely all dead, and the one that took - a cucumber, life is happy. And all the others immediately stood up to her in line for coal.
Then he went to a hostel for the legend, they say, it is clear why Russian so thumps - they have the magic coal.


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