A leak in the Gulf eliminated

From April 20 to July 15, according to official figures about 5 million barrels of oil spilled into the ocean from a well in the seabed after the accident on the rig «Deepwater Horizon», owned by the company «BP». Now that the leak was finally eliminated, the effects of falling into the ocean of oil and natural gas have continued to be assessed by experts. A moratorium on drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf, regardless of the depth of such works. These limits will apply at least until November 30 this year. Despite the fact that the reports of the various research groups over the volumes of oil, located on the bottom of the bay, contradict each other, some restrictions on fishing have already been removed. While «BP» finishes work on elimination of leakage, we offer you a selection of photographs taken in the Gulf of Mexico over the past couple of months.



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