In Colombia, the plane was hit by lightning

August 16 Colombian airliner Boeing 737 crashed while landing on the Colombian island of San Andres. As a result of the 121 passengers and 6 crew members, one person died of a heart attack and 114 injured. "The plane carried out flight Bogota - San Andres and landed during heavy storm when it was hit by lightning," - said the commander of the aircraft Caribbean Media Group Air Force of Colombia Gustavo Barrero.Posle lightning plane split into three parts.

The fact that on August 16 at the airport of the Colombian island of San Andres while landing during a thunderstorm crashed Boeing 737, reported by all the world's media, including "KP". Perhaps liner "failed" in the air pocket. This version of the experts do not exclude. But consider other more plausible: the plane was struck by lightning. And whether nailed it to the strip, or "cut off" all onboard systems. As a result, Boeing fell from a height of 80 meters. And split into three parts.


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