The second life of cats

Sometimes I take animals from the street, treat and domesticate, and then they find the owners. Give the new owners do not always have the strength. The easiest way to say goodbye to the kittens and puppies, which take on several at once. And to an adult, and even if they stay with us for a long time, we tie tightly. So I have "stuck" two dogs and two cats. I'll tell you about the last one, which failed to give.

Mike Farley hit by a car and drove on. Trail riding girl, she stopped and picked up Mike Farley. Was taken to the doctor, but leave it at it was not possible. Through the volunteer group in contact leave a message. Somehow I felt after reading the message that it is I need to take to treat yourself. After work, I went to the doctor and took this.

After the surgery was completely lifeless body. I even doubt that it is alive. Here's eyes began to open. Hooray!

Doctors said that the car drove the cat on the rump. All reversals, sewn. Tomorrow appointed as X-rays and a cat survive a second anesthesia. Survive it? Keep in touch with Lena, which it picked up immediately after the accident, it will help to bring their pay and treatment. Thank you!

Cat the night began to move away, but refused to water, not to mention the food.

Scary, but not clear to me, the picture will make it clear to doctors what the chances of survival of a cat.


Then the doctor writes unintelligible handwriting of the fractures in the pelvis and isolation of something there. It sounds scary. The prognosis is not very much - said that is unlikely to go, and you can not plaster cast.

Well, the main thing - to live. We have the joy =) I thought I would take because the cat in the bag, literally. When agreed, even not seen her, and did not know how it all seriously. But, Katun drink milk! First time! Affection.

Tasty =)

Kathu all lies and lies, and the truth is not really all? What we shall do next? Medicines navypisyvali, but not getting any better. Tail crushed whole, open wounds, sutures diverge amputated is impossible, since nothing to sew. We lay in a makeshift collar fashionable

Put the cell on the day of the window, so do not be so boring. In the cell - so long as there was a close dialogue with the other animals in the house. Ksara, the second cat suits see who we got here? Each other's interests.

From the constant lying and ointments views became quite unmarketable ((

Wool fell on his back, but we do not lose hope

Ksara protects new girlfriend and strongly support. Suddenly she still rise up and go? It will be possible to drive it.

Rose! Hooray! Keep your feet slightly, but still

Golopopy new year. 2 months after the accident.

Since we are ourselves.

We watch the traffic on the street

While away the winter days, warm broken bones on the battery. I noticed the tail became short? We cut half on living, because there's just all dry already (though I'm still a little faint not there blurted out)

Sleep is the best medicine. Especially after running around the whole apartment! After 3 months have bothered only the tail that has no skin. Cat runs! Eat well, she goes to the toilet, sleeping. It is normal!

Now the question is still the amputation of the tail, the length of 15 cm, almost all without the skin. But we expect that it's tihu delayed. The worst is over! As such beauty someone give?

The favorite of the whole family

We have it all! ))

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