Jon Gnarr - the wonderful mayor on the planet.

Yes, the pictures incumbent Mayor of Reykjavik (capital of Iceland) Jon Gnarr. It should be noted, very cheerful and not ordinary people. Icelandic doctors as a child mistakenly believed Jon Gnarr mentally retarded, in fact, he turned out to hyperactivity and decreased attention span. Dude was fond of music, he studied several university, but abandoned them. But when he founded the "best game" in the pre-election debates and promised free towels in swimming pools, a bear in a zoo and parliament, free .... then it immediately chose the mayor. I'm very neutral attitude to politics, so I do not care what he, as the European tollerastom not converged in opinion with our Moscow politicians, more important to me that people zhget ... And not just creates fun, and clearly shows that the policy (and much of the world, which at first glance seems an important and meaningful) - in fact, though not cheap, but still shows and idiotic comedy ...

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