Kaskamorras festival in Spain

Every year on September 6-9 in the Spanish town of Guadix and Baza, a festival Kaskamorras. The holiday locals play ritual gains and return of statues of the Blessed Virgin. According to legend, in about 1490, the year a laborer from Guadix in the destruction of the convent Base found among the rubble statue of the Blessed Virgin. Nakhodka residents remained Base, but it has caused discontent in Gaudise. It was then decided that if someone from Guadix residents can log into the database and get to the monastery, do not stain your clothes, return the statue base Gaudisu.

Even after five hundred years, a resident of Guadix annually dress up in a clown known as "kaskamorras" and overcomes the 3-kilometer route to the base, in order to return the statue.

At the entrance to the city representative Gaudisa waiting smeared residents Base with dyed water and eggs, prepared in advance, in order to "paint" a guest.

A resident Gaudisa, of course, every time fails, then start a series of celebrations.

On their end, at the dawn of the ninth of September kaskamorras returns home to Guadix empty-handed.

Houses eggs it obkidyvayut already residents of their same town.


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