Ordos - the largest ghost town in the world

China continues to implement huge projects "for growth", thus at the same time stimulating their economies. In Inner Mongolia Ordos city erected, designed for 1 million. People. At present they have 20 thousand, 98% of the buildings are empty.
In China, many cities with, airports and shopping centers- ghost - giant infrastructure projects, vacant for years. Chinese authorities announce that these objects - "for growth", and sooner or later they will fill people, clerks, passengers or tenants. At the same time, the government artificially "accelerates" the economy - such infrastructure projects (here also may include roads that few rides, warehouses, filled to capacity with copper or aluminum, etc.) is added to the annual GDP growth rate of 1-1.5 percentage points.




The city of Ordos in Inner Mongolia began to build in 2003. Despite the fact that in the province of Mongolia is only about 17% of the city, it was decided to erect it in the Mongolian style (hence its name associated with the word "Horde»).

As a result, by 2010, on an area of ​​355 square kilometers of the city was built, designed for 1 million. People (by the way, the population density in it 4 times less than in Moscow - this is the way that even sverhnaselёnny China can afford to build a large city but this is a topic for another article). However, by the end of 2013, Ordos was inhabited by only 2% - live in it 20 thousand people

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