Rating girls leading the morning program

Very beautiful morning leading PROGRAM IS and a small rating.

Nastya, in addition to the Morning of Russia, is another program on my planet. A recently went to shoot the film in Yakutia and endured all the hardships of the expedition life on a level with men.

Ira - the soulful look on television and this look, she won me once and for all!

Julia has also become popular because of the "Russia 1", playing a major role in the endless soap opera "Carmelita," now leads the morning at the First.

Olesya - the pearl of the third channel, uh, sponges.

Katya, oriental beauty with First

Ira - this is the Aurora, which became known as VJ MUZ and had time to star in several films. Now adorns the "Mood" on the TVC


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