Ordos in China - a modern ghost town

District kangbashi designed for more than one million inhabitants, is deserted, even after five years from the date of commencement of construction. Photo by Michael Christopher Brown.

Construction began kangbashi district within the state of the project in Ordos - a city located in the province of Inner Mongolia, which is a source of wealth is the mining of coal. The area is built office buildings, administrative centers, government agencies, museums, theaters and sports facilities, as well as residential areas. But there is one problem. The area, which seats more than a million inhabitants, is still almost no one lives.

Despite the fact that most of the property has already bought and planned that by 2010 the area will be populated, kangbashi still empty.

Most of the one and a half million people in Ordos Dunsheng considers his home, located half an hour away from the empty kangbashi.

Two workers clean the area around the building of the public library. The per capita income in Ordos second largest in the country after Shanghai.

Treasury. Workers carry pieces of foam up the stairs leading to the Ordos Museum, which is still not completed.


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