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One of the most famous pictures of the last century. The picture, of which the Vietnamese photographer Nick Ut Associated Press (Hu? Nh Cong Ut) won the Pulitzer Prize and went into the history of photography. June 8, 1972 near the village of Trang Bang, north-west of Saigon was a fight between the troops of the army of North Vietnam and South Vietnamese. Several civilians fleeing the North Vietnamese, left the village and headed for the positions of government troops. The pilot of the South Vietnamese aircraft mistook the villagers of enemy soldiers and threw them some bombs with napalm. Nick Ut captured the moment when a group of children immediately after the bomb attack on the road running. In the center - nine Kim Phuc, napalm burnt, contorted with pain face.
Next big photos of the girls even today

On it everyone who was on the other side of the famous picture - the crew of the Saigon TV and American soldiers tried to help the girl (then it was taken to an American military hospital). This picture was never shown in the Soviet press as the official version says that the children on the run from the famous photograph of Americans, staged a massacre in the village. In fact, things were a bit different.

Despite the claims of doctors that burns that got girl, deadly, Kim Phuc survived by transferring 17 plastic surgeries. After the war, she lived in Vietnam, and then studied in Cuba, where she met her future husband. In 1992, the couple managed to get political asylum in Canada, having escaped from the plane during a stopover on the island. Newfoundland.

Now Kim Phuc with his family lives in Ajax, Ontario. In 1997, she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.


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