Chelyabinsk. Height 239.

CTRP - Industry Group of the metallurgical complex of Russia is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tubular products with a total market share of about 20%. Revenue in excess of $ 2 billion, in the factories ChTPZ runs about 20 000 people. Among the ten largest companies in the world pipe. ChTPZ includes enterprises and companies of ferrous metallurgy: OJSC "Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant", JSC "Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant" and others. The unusual name of the new production is because the 239 meters - the height of the geographical point where the new plant, the corresponding height of the southern part of the Ural Mountains above sea level. The shop produces large-diameter pipes for oil and gas pipelines. They are intended for use in the construction of pipelines in the areas of offshore development, seismically active areas, permafrost areas, difficult terrain, the laying of submarine pipelines and offshore.

The plant is unusual everything from paint fences to highlighting all the communications and support facilities

Workshop "height" is inside of another protected perimeter - this is due to the REFERENCE in the production of unique technologies, many of which are industrial secrets. And, of course, though not much of a selection of the personnel, the Russian factor is theft of production has not been canceled. Checkpoint "height» Photobucket


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