Tankodrom in the garden

Russia's only "bronemaster" Vyacheslav Verevochkin from the village of Grand Oёsh Novosibirsk region manually with a couple of assistants, makes old iron military equipment - from drawings, to the millimeter sizes of surviving parts. Under the windows of the house - is a museum of tanks and armored vehicles.

The first thirty years Verevochkin engaged in military equipment on duty - in the army. Over the years, personally disassembled and assembled all the army moves, and modern technology it is uninteresting. Eighteen months ago Verevochkin retired, but the passion for technology remains.

All tanks village craftsman nothing outwardly different from the present, only the weapons they are not worth fighting.

Yard Vyacheslav Verevochkin like a museum of military equipment: there is domestic 75mm gun, a mortar, a fascist car "Kyugelvagen." All factory patterns identical to the last rivet.

As Vyacheslav said, the manufacture of the tank goes from 6 months to a year.

Self-propelled armored copies of the last century - a unique product, collectors in the West willing to pay for such models are tens of thousands of dollars. Domestic fans of rarities and Russian museums work Verevochkin is not in demand.

Transmission in most cases, is borrowed from the tractor equipment, engines of trucks. The hardest part - trucks for tank tracks. They have to be ordered individually in foundries Novosibirsk plant. One track is worth $ 100, and they need to be about 70 pieces only on one side.

This year, the designer has signed a contract with "Mosfilm", will build the tanks for the film with the working title "Stalingrad».

Also, his tanks are used for the reconstruction of hostilities. For example, in May last year, one such reconstruction took place under the Stupino near Belopesotsky monastery. It - Czech tank "Prague» Pz-38.

Once Vyacheslav was nearly prosecuted for propaganda of Nazi symbols. Now what else markings on foreign technology draws Verevochkin not avoid controversy.

Accuracy of copies is certainly little doubt note that the intermediate wheel suspension joints just dummies. On the other hand - to make the most accurate copy would cost quite different money.

It looks like a tank inside.

And it blank for future technology.

As a material for the manufacture of models used ordinary sheet metal and parts from decommissioned tractors and combines. From tools - hammer, "Bulgarian" and welder.

Now, apparently Vyacheslav things went uphill, and his hobby turned into a job. Orders lot, work in full swing. Nobody wants to buy his dacha Tank?

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