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"Capsule Hotel (Jap. カ プ セ ル ホ テ ル kapuseru hoteru) - one of the variants of Japanese hotels,
It is a small sleeping cells arranged one above the other.
They are mostly near major train stations or near the entertainment area. »
Guests of these hotels - businessmen who failed to last train,
pausing at work or in the nearest tavern. The fact that the taxi ride back to Tokyo
home is very expensive (especially considering that some live even in neighboring prefectures),
cheaper and really spend the night in the city.
Tourists in these hotels also occur - for many it is an interesting experience,
and someone just wants to save - the difference in the cost of the hotel with the usual significant.
I was fortunate to stay in one of the most beautiful Japanese capsule hotels -
"9 hours» at Kyoto, I want to share with you my impressions :)
Hotel location good - a few stops from the center w / station
(most likely you'll get to it in the Kyoto Shinkansen)
and within walking distance of major attractions. So, in order: Upon entering the hotel, guests leave their shoes in special drawers and poisoned to the rack reception

After sheck-in to each guest at the reception are given slippers, a bottle of water from Mount Fuji :) and key personnel from the drawer in the locker. In the lobby at the reception is also a common area with wi-fi (there is a separate room for women) and it is the only place where you can meet with his second half, if traveling alone):

Everything else in the hotel separately! Even the elevators and floors (like most hotels in general are only for men):

Lockers themselves are very small, so if you huge luggage, it will have to leave at reception. Showers pleasant and spacious, there is even a small pool. Dressed and ready for bed, go to the most important place - the room with sleeper cells. But in fact, feeling as if asleep on the second shelf and the second-class carriage) with electronic alarm clock and cool linens and pillows. There is a huge minus - the incredible audible! Protective screens do not help at all

Price may vary on the number of hours spent at the hotel, usual package at Buckingham is 17 hours after the check-in'a. The concept of the hotel is the formula "necessary and sufficient" stay: an hour to shower and personal hygiene, seven hours of sleep and an hour for food, hence the name of the hotel:

All fair, clean, beautiful. Here you can take all the necessary hygiene and put on special clothes:

And so, having received the key and go to the desired floor you find yourself in a space with lockers and showers:

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