Large and small (10 pics + text)

The tallest man in the world sultan kösen (Sultan Kösen) met with the smallest man in the world He Pingping (He Pingping).

Growth of the highest person in the world is 8 feet 1 inch (246 cm 5).

The growth of the little man just simply 2 feet 5, 37 inches (74 61 cm).

Guinness World Records announced sultan kösen tallest man in the world in September last year.

He says that now as a result of his newfound fame he manages to travel a lot around the world, and he is very happy to go back to Turkey.

He is proud that he was fortunate to meet with Hye Pinpinom and become part of the show in Istanbul during the first visit of a Chinese baby to Turkey.

Kёsen said: "I wanted to meet c c Pinpinom since I received the title of" Tallest Man "and I am very happy that he came to Turkey, so that we can together take part in the celebration of the show Guinness World Record at the Forum in Istanbul" .

"I'm going to show him our beautiful city," - said the famous Turks.

So gently they hold each other's hands.

Hye Pinpin was recognized as the smallest man in the world in March 2009.

According to the father, the Xe Pinpin at birth was the size of the palm of an adult. According to doctors, the smallest man in the world suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta - a violation of osteogenesis. However, and the tallest man suffered a brain tumor (it has already been removed) because he has grown so fast and.


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