Device to transfer the cat language

Cat lovers will enjoy)))

If people use various means of communication to communicate with each other, then why not use them and contact with our pets? Recently published Gadgets are designed to significantly ease the lives of pet owners. For example, the Japanese have invented a device that determines the mood is your pet.

Thus, the Japanese company producing toys "Tokara" released a special unit "Boulingval" to decrypt barking. Sensitive trace elements in timbre canine voices determine what kind of mood is your pet, and that he currently requires.

The device is equipped with a microphone attached to the collar. "Translator" is able to distinguish six kinds of canine emotions, such as hunger, thirst, joy, fear, etc. Mini-computer scrutinizes barking and outputs the result to the host. All in his memory holds about 200 words.

Following the electronic device, is interpreted as follows dog barking, the Japanese invented "Myaulingval" - a device to convert a cat's tongue.

"Cat's translator" developed by "Tokara" jointly with the Japan Institute of Acoustics. The device easily fits in the palm, equipped with a microphone and a miniature crystal display. If the cat makes sounds around the device appears on the screen of their translation.

The creators of the invention claim that "Myaulingval" is able to recognize the basic outline cat emotions - anxiety, pleasure, fear, indifference ...

The samples for creating an electronic dictionary, which is equipped with a device used recording meow Siberian and American Shorthair cat breeds.

More recently went on sale ... remote control for cats! Device called Control-a-Cat. In the online shop, it costs only $ 7. Among its features - "Stop scratching", "Show affection", "nap", "Mute meow", "get off the couch," and purr volume is adjusted using the "+" and «-».

How, then, to make this device work? The instructions stated: "Point the remote at the cat, press and hope for the best." In addition, manufacturers report that "batteries in the remote are not required, as it is powered by mental wishes».

It seems that the inventors are sincerely convinced that all cats - telepaths, which, however, is not so far from the truth ...


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