In Russia, you need to open a Ukrainian school, said the prime minister

In Russia, you need to open Ukrainian schools, Prime
Kiev offers to install the Kremlin as a second state language Ukrainian, Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk.
"Ukraine's Foreign Ministry made a statement on the matter. Ukrainian-speaking community is the largest in Russia and is completely natural, if the Ukrainian language is the second state in Russia, or, at least, will be wearing a special status, "- he said at the 10th annual investment conference of Dragon Sarital in Kiev on Wednesday .
According to him, Ukraine is also drawn to the Russian authorities concerning the opening of the Ukrainian schools in the Russian Federation.
"We also need to give an answer to the religious beliefs of Ukrainians in Russia, that the principle of freedom of religion was not simply declared at, but also to perform" - said Yatsenyuk.
"I see that Russia is very worried about Ukrainian Constitution and for the Ukrainian state system, and we really just worried about our Russian neighbors. We wish them all the best to them all was well, and to 65 billion dollars in the quarter did not run away from their economy, and that they were working credit cards Visa and Master Card ยป, - added the Prime Minister. < br /> Recall the Russian authorities require from Ukraine for constitutional reform, and the appointment of the federalization of the Russian language as the second state.



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