Photo Contest World Press Photo 2010. Part 2.

We present to your attention a few photos will receive a prize
in various categories of the prestigious photo contest World Press Photo 2010.
See Part 1.

1. Four Somali refugees en route to Yemen sleep in the desert after a night of travel on dirt roads in the rain on March 15. Photo took first place in the category "The problems of our time." (Reportage by Getty Images.)

2. A person with a shark on the streets of Mogadishu on September 23. First place in the category "Everyday Life". (Omar Feisal, Somalia, for Reuters)

3. Dutchman Demy de Zeeuw got hit in the face by Uruguayan Martin Caceres in the semifinals of the World Cup in Cape Town on July 6th. First place in the category "Sports". (Mike Hutchings, South Africa, Reuters)

4. Flying cholity, Bolivia: wrestling - one of the most popular sports in Bolivia. Women wrestlers called "cholity" Over the past 10 years, their role in the sport has become particularly noticeable. Carmen Rosa and Julia la Patsena perform at a charity show to raise money for showers for the school in La Paz on June 26. Second place in the category "Arts & Entertainment". (Daniele Tamagni, Italy.)


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