Animals and peace.

Parrot named Alex:
This African Grey parrot was able to distinguish and define colors. Also he had a great relationship with a woman (Irene Pepperberg). When he umeraet, in 2007, he said, turning to Irina: "With you it was good. I love you ».

Two dog-guide:
They took their masters from a height of 70 floors of the World Trade Center before the building collapsed on September 11th.

When their friend (Dorothy) died from heart failure, they hugged her and solemnly watched as her buried.

Christian the Lion:
In 1969, while still a young lion took him to his two brothers. When he grew up, they sent him to the care of wildlife. When he returned a year later, the brothers learned that Christian was the leader of the pride, but despite this, the lion knew them and solemnly met.

Jack Russell Terrier:
this dog rescued five children from the wild dog. But from their injury and bites eventually died. George was given a posthumous medal for bravery.

Beluga whale named Mila:
She saved the life of a diver. Trying to return to free-diver Yang Yang felt that it captured cramps and she began to sink. But she saved the life of a whale.


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