Spy set of CIA agent

Various gizmos, who used the CIA, is something to see.

Belly Buster - a device that the CIA used in the late 50's and early 60's to drill holes in the wall. The hole was pawned listening device.

Envelope opener. It was used during the Second World War to extract letters from envelopes without violating their integrity. The device is slightly unbent top flap and gently battered letter. With modern envelopes such focus is not a ride.

The extraction process of writing - the handle gently steep, winding clamped an stock. That's just how it then put back?

Stereoscope - a device that allows you to view photos and videos of enemy territory, which filmed scouting planes in the format 3D.

Insectohopter - developed by the CIA in 1970 micro UAV, mimics an insect.

Spy Boat sample 1950. Without arms, it could carry two people are in a state of semisubmerged. Usually a boat landed with a large ship and penetrated into the territory, which usually ships could not pass because of the size.

Micropoint camera. Used for copying secret documents of the Cold War. The camera can reduce the page, moving it to a special film. They hid in the coins, rings and other items.

Microchamber. Developed by Kodak.Razmerom matchbox, masked by the addition of labels matches the different countries.

A one-time encoder. One set was issued encoder, another dekoderovschiko. Each sheet contains random key as five groups. After use, the sheet destroyed.

The device is transmitting information (called "Dead" Drop Spike). Placed inside the container object (film, a note etc). Pick stuck in the ground or laid in a secret place, where she was taking the agent.

M-209 Cipher Box - encryption unit during the Second World War. Used to encode and decode the encrypted messages.

Pigeon camera. Its installed (probably :) attached with Velcro) to the blue and sent him flying.

Necklace and handbag equipped with Micro, which allows agents to drink cocktails, dancing and at the same time to carry out covert filming.

Encoder in pudrennitsu. Special encryption code has been applied to the mirror so that it could only be seen from a certain angle.

Map escape. It was printed not on paper and silk. It can be worn as a scarf or folded very compact in a secluded place. Use special dyes vodonepronetsaemye.

Spurs pilot. They clung with special cables to the pilot's seat. If he ejected - ropes attracted legs to the seat to avoid being blown off when the bailout!

Silver Dollar. It is hollow inside and has been used to hide within Your Message or microfilm.

It looked like this

Knife-peak (Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife). Special knife, which can be hitting the opponent in a vulnerable place (developed in 1941)

Camera Minox. Developed in 1937, it fits easily in the palm and makes a very high-quality photos. One of the most popular spy cameras in the world.

These pieces disguised as "environment" - detection sensors that react to the earth tremors (such as steps or when driving technique). They fixed the movement within a radius of 300 meters and sends a signal to the panel.

Spines for borers tires. I think everything is simple.

Camera disguised as a tobacco pouch. Invented in Switzerland.

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