7 tehnonovinok 2010

The selection is not very loud, not the long-awaited and most useful innovations. Here things that came out last year, and look as if the year 2020

1. self-propelled machines

Google has created a car that moves independently through the city. Large rotating laser on its roof scans all around. In addition, the sensors are integrated bumpers and behind the windscreen is a camera that recognizes the color of traffic lights and road signs. Card machine downloads from the Internet Google.Maps.

A similar thing done at Stanford University in cooperation with Volkswagen. Audi TTS independently climbed up the hill on the rally track Pikes Peak for 27 minutes. After a few years, these developments will create a fully autonomous vehicles. Although many doubt that people will be able to entrust his life such a machine.

2. Eyes for the Blind

BrainPort - a system that allows the blind to see. The camera is connected to the electrode and the electrode have to take by mouth. A simplified picture of the camera is transmitted to the electrode and a small electrical charge stimulates the tongue (black - no stimulation, gray or white - level). People who have tried say that feels a bit like the bubbles in champagne or like lick the battery. Thus, learn a little bit (as the developers say, 2-10 hours is enough to begin to understand), people can distinguish between simple shapes and objects. Today, the technology allows to transfer up to 600 by 400 pixels on a sensor on the tongue. The brain interprets this as a picture that consists of 600 pixels. That is the person sees the world in black and white video is very low resolution.

3. "Iron Man Suit»

The company Raytheon XOS 2 exoskeleton developed that allows a person to add strength. For example, it can lift 100 pounds or break a thick wooden board there is no difficulty.

Raytheon creators compared with a suit of Iron Man. When on sale civilian version (though it will not soon), the loader will be able to work any namby-pamby, and instead of calling on workers when moving house can be rented exoskeleton. And will look like fighting people in these costumes!

4. Backpack for flights

In the movie "Thunderball" James Bond 1965 Bond flies with "jetpack" - Special summer backpack. Now the firm Martin released his flight pack. Theoretically, it can raise man to a height of 2500 meters. However, the charge lasts for 30 minutes - you can not get back. Will cost $ 100 000.

5. Game Console 3D

On the game's E3, Nintendo introduced a new portable console Nintendo 3DS. In devaysa two screens, one of them produces 3D-images. This is the first commercial three-dimensional screen that does not need glasses. Accordingly, it is possible to watch three-dimensional movies and play three-dimensional games. In addition, built into the console three chambers, one in front and two behind shooting and 3D-3D-video images.

6. The body instead of a joystick

In early November, the market entered Microsoft Kinect - addition to the Xbox 360, which allows you to manage some games without a joystick, using gestures that read two matrices. But the interesting thing turned out almost immediately after the release of Kinect: it is very easy to hack, and so with it you can do amazing things. For example, if two devices to connect at an angle of 90 degrees, it is possible to obtain a new perspective on the computer in real time to change the viewpoint. That is, as shown in the video, if you shoot a box with two points, you can use the mouse to rotate the viewing angle in real time and see the object on almost all sides. If such technologies are applied in the movie, it will be possible at any time, rotate the picture and see what is happening from any angle.

On the basis of Kinect was made an autonomous helicopter that moves on a given route and if he notices an obstacle stops.

7. A screen with tactile feedback

Technology TeslaTouch, which is being developed in the company of Disney, with the help of a weak electrical touchscreen allows you to give the feeling of different textures. That is, if, for example, the screen displayed on the board and hold his finger, the finger will feel the texture of wood, metal and if depicted, the finger will feel the texture of the metal. Originally planned to use this technology in phones, iPods and tablets, and later - on the big screen.

This technology is very useful to all current phones with touch screen. The only way to simulate the impact - light vibration device. But it does not feel the impact spot, so typing fingers on the screen until uncomfortable.

In addition, given the development of 3D-technology, when to use another feeling, the feeling of being in the movie will be even stronger.

By the way, one of the chairmen of the board of Disney - Steve Jobs, the director of Apple, so it is logical to expect that this technology will be initially in the iPhone and iPad future generations.


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