How to please the bride programmer (5 photos)

Writes blogger nortonix:
It was the fourth festive evening. Rest I rather tired, and because the arms and head urgently needed a creative shake-up. I decided to make my nice second half - and not just so, and just did for aytishnomu. And who best friend? - That's right, diamonds. For these or not the estate, I decided to build some of jewelery and sweet things for their halves. You'll see to whom and by 14 February or March 8 useful idea.

was chosen stylish cool photo archive

and distilled in monochrome,

LOMOND printed on photo paper, and then came in very handy method of laser iron, which can be found in the vast expanses of the Internet. In general Obtain somehow

I further for the benefit of its unforgettable and to everyone's anger pet sniffing ferric chloride and soiled apartment

Finally, copper was vented, and the plate cut into neat squares and sanded the edges. Copper figure seemed very boring, because it was decided tinned with it for greater elegance. And to make the notes "aytishnosti" our souvenir was seasoned chips with a dead mother. It turned out to be the way in the presence of shvenzy - hooks for hanging earrings on your ears (for God's sake inappropriately asking where so incidentally was at home with a set of accessories for jewelry). In general, everything was collected and laundered. As a result we get here is a nice and exclusive souvenir.


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