The road is long in life

In January 2000, Herman and Candelaria Zapp from North Carolina (United States) went to 83-year-old car to travel. After 11 years, they have traveled 142,000 miles, visited 24 countries and gave birth to 4 !!! children.

German - a former IT-specialist native of Germany, he is now 42, and his wife (s 40) to explain his action is simple: We were happy, young, but felt it did not want to sit still. Our grandfather gave us an old car Graham-Paige, with the words - do you want to travel a lot of places to do that you have to go slowly. The best thing you can think of to do this - to go to the old car. On the way they were taught to children at the school curriculum, in addition, children have gained a unique experience.


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