Games of our childhood

It's no secret that outdoor games have almost disappeared from the lives of modern children. Those are the games that were played not only by us but by our predecessors. Those are games that teach children to find common ground, helping to resolve disputes and conflicts, it was the most effective and harmonious way of socialization. They were given the opportunity to learn the kid himself, to try their abilities, taught to follow certain rules and a great pleasure.

Now with asphalt almost disappeared classics, will not meet in the courts of jumping rope or rezinochku girls or boys, enthusiastically playing in "banks", and received the ominous name tag "zombie". Even the inns have changed, disappearing into the sparkling new buildings. And what about the children? Some of them are sent to six years in school, which does not leave time for games in the courtyard. Others sit out all his free time at the TV screens or computer monitors, exchanging the joy of movement and live communication with new technologies. The third and did not let a walk in the yard for fear of real or imagined dangers. But be that as it may, we, today's parents, still have a chance to change this situation. Should we do it? Of course, it is worth! ..
Personally, I remember: Hide and seek, cops and robbers, catch-up right now, oh rezinochki all at once and can not remember ... and what games you remember from childhood ???


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