Police Pursuit with shooting for BMW X5 (9 photos + video)

To stop the offender, the police had to fire on his car. The driver walked away from persecution on the route Moscow - Crimea.

The driver made the race without rules in Moscow Domodedovo, managed to escape from the traffic police, knocking with the motorcyclist. Foreign cars, rushing at great speed, the patrol car noticed about nine in the evening. At the intersection of Tolbukhina and working in Domodedovo police attempted to stop the driver, but he ignored the demands of law enforcement officers and rushed on. - To get away from the chase, he went to the high-speed Simferopol highway - told the police. - It is worth noting that the chances to catch up with the reckless driver at BMW from the police to the "Zhiguli" were small. At the 45th kilometer of highway Simferopol the driver lost control and collided with a motorcyclist. But the accident did not make the offender does not stop. By pressing on the gas, the unfortunate driver continued on his way. - After an accident with a motorcyclist senior lieutenant reported on the situation of duty ATC Domodedovo and decided primenitoruzhie - said the head of the press service of the Internal Affairs of Moscow Region Yevgeny Gildeev. - It has been two warning shots into the air and seven on the rear wheels. During the chase the police on several occasions called for the driver to stop voluntarily. - Stop with ... ka - traffic police officer shouted, - I order you to stop !!! I'll shoot! To get the wheels was not immediately apparent. But even when the tire was punctured, SUV just added speed. Police detained a car accident. PPP outfit saw a tow truck, which was carrying the BMW. By car police noticed traces of bullets and decided to hold the car. The car carrying my father in the service of the offender - the owner of the company "Infogarantiya" Framais Gadlyan. Police, he said that on the eve of his 22-year-old son Garik asked him a car to drive on his birthday. Within hours Garik dad called and said he had an accident. At the same time, all attempts to contact his son were unsuccessful.


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