Miniatur Wunderland (Wonderland)

Miniature "Wonderland" - a wonderful example of how the hobby has grown into a profitable occupation.
It was enough to spend 500 000 man-hours of work.
A group of enthusiasts working on a parallel reality in 2000, and today we see the results of their activities.

Twin brothers Frederick and Gerrit Braun wanted to surprise and impress the people - and they succeeded fully. They built the longest railway in Europe. The miniature. The project started in 2000.

And in 2001 it came to light the first quarters of the amazing Wonderland - Miniatur Wunderland.

To create this miracle took about 8 million euros. And yet - 700 kg of artificial grass, 4 000 tonnes of steel and 558 000 hours of painstaking work.

To date, "Wonderland" is divided into seven thematic parts, covering an area of ​​more than 1 sq. M. m .: Switzerland Knuffingen, Austria, Harz, Hamburg, America, Scandinavia.

In this world, as in the present, there are concerts, celebrations occur accident, strikes and cases of fires to put out that fire trucks come from all parts of the country's toy.

All objects - trains and cars - move like real.

Far North:

Superman gives fight:

Within 10 minutes of the day gives way to evening and night:

Even the water - a real:

Everywhere something happens, life goes on as usual. And even the day gives way to night. All this is wisely controlled by 40 computers.

p.s. If someone is very interested in this topic here (download) these and other photos with good quality and higher resolution.


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