Miniatur Wunderland - model railway for 16 million. Dollars

Miniatur Wunderland - the only place in the world where in one room you can see several European countries in miniature. Lively and amazingly detailed exposition hides a whole arsenal of technologies. In 2000, the brothers Frederick and Gerrit Browns undertook a major project - construction in Hamburg, the world's largest toy railroad. Nine years later Miniatur Wunderland is not just a railway, and the whole world in miniature, covering an area of ​​1150 square meters. m and includes more than 10 thousand. locomotives and wagons, 700 trains, almost 1 thousand. semaphores, 4 thousand. cars, 160 thousand. unique figures of people, as well as several ships.

Almost everything in the exhibition moves and lives its own life: changing the time of day on the streets of turn on and off lights, trains, trucks and barges carry cargo, the police catch offenders, fire brigades go to the challenges, people walking in the park, ride a cable car, lunch at lawns, swimming, waiting for the bus, go skiing. In short, do what their prototypes of the big world. To create all this, in addition to nine years of hard work the brothers took 4 tons of steel, 700 kg of artificial grass and about $ 16 million.


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