How to make movies in Nollywood

The Nigerian film industry is thriving, despite the constant power outages, lack of infrastructure, the heat and humidity. Nollywood, as it is called here, recently surpassed Hollywood in the number of recordable movies a year. Now it is the third largest film industry after Hollywood and Bollywood. Almost all movies are shot using digital video technology, and usually feature film is removed in 10 days, with a budget of 20-40 thousand dollars. Funded films are usually private producers. Because of the low budget films have to shoot quickly, so time for rehearsals and no retake. But there is a great scope of improvisation.

1. The young actress Mena Ogbor Josephine waiting for his appearance in the scene, while the crew checks the previously shot footage. Nollywood has become the second largest "employer" in Nigeria, and many young people now believe the film industry their ticket to success in a country where there are no other opportunities to make a successful career.

2. Directed by Ola Soyinka Orlando (left) discusses a scenario with actresses Patience Ozokvo (center) and Ngozi Dumanbi (right) on the set of the film nollivudskogo. Soyinka film about a businessman who did not disdain to take away the sin of murder, and is now looking for a spell to bewitch to his wife of his business partner, but in the end is going crazy and is recognized in all their sins. This is one of two thousand films produced every year in Nigeria.

3. Actress Adaobi Enekva plays a girl, was attacked vigilantes.

4. Make-up artist Kpoyi Kreeyshen (right) prepares to shoot the actor, whose character was shot in the head. Vigilantes, weapons and murder in Nollywood films often reflect the cruel reality of the Nigerian.


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