Thoughtless mistress

Mid-March. Slush, mud. In general, the middle of March.
The driver of the bread van stops at the next store to unload the goods. Unloaded, got into the cab drove off. And while going slowly because the road porridge, and bread van - not a racing car, a moving car somehow blink distant light. Well, I guess you never know what lies ahead - slow down. Suddenly it quite briskly ahead of a taxi, cuts and becomes almost across the road.
And out of the taxi, howling and lamentation falls Madame picturesque and literally throws himself under the wheels of the van as a grenade thrown under the tank. God thinks, what kind of nonsense is this something?
It turns out that Madame was walking her dog. Well, she was impatient to buy some bread straight from the tin. Since the store entrance with dogs is prohibited, it is nothing better could not think of how to wind his precious collar on the front bumper of the van. The poor animal sucked bridges between the car and saved her only that because of the porridge on the way it has turned into a lump of snow. In this form it and removed.
About people say - born under a lucky star. About Dogs - I do not know.


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