Pets exploded Internet

I take a look at the history of animal life, which at different times literally "blew" the Internet. Talk about them, they empathized, they were surprised. I take a look at the pictures and read about the history of the virtual "explosion" that our brother staged smaller. Look further!

Among the dogs now also have heroes who can motivate long acts. When the boxer Lou Duncan was very young, he had to amputate both his hind legs. However, energetic dog missing and the front two, and thanks to them, Duncan walks Lou has managed to become a star of the Internet. He has a wheelchair (still well taken care of him), but he prefers to use it as little as possible - and why, when there are two such strong legs!

Charming eyed cat named Spangls became a real Internet sensation after his owner from South Carolina has placed his photo on the page to Facebook. The three-year cat was born on July 4 Independence Day, and was nicknamed in honor of fireworks (from the English \ «spangles \» - \ «sequins \"). His mistress, 25-year-old Mary Buchanan often puts pet in funny costumes. According to the girl, strabismus does not prevent her pet playfully run around, eat well, and in general to be fit and healthy.

The Australian Kvinsilende lives is probably the most fearless cat in the world. Once a cat named Nitro attacked terrier. Nitro escaped, leaping to lying in a pool surfing and sail to a safe distance, leaving the dog with his nose. Sure, Nitro no ordinary cat. Its owner - a professional trained by animals and Nitro was trained to swim in the surf. Neighborhood coach managed to capture on camera the whole chase. Now, Nitro became the hero of the Internet.

Meet - is Boo, Facebook is the most popular dog. When the owner of a funny and positive dog Boo (Boo), has decided to upload photos of your pet on Facebook, she currently had no idea what this will evolve. Cute muzzle dog liked very much, and just a couple of months each picture began to receive 10-25 thousand "likes" in this social network.

Elephant named Lac Tea could be called the Australian celebrity. First, Lac Tea became the first Asian elephant who was born on the Green Continent. Second, the baby elephant, as it turned out, loves to chase the ball. Lak Chai playing football under the watchful eye of his mother. Lac Tea became a favorite of Australians, almost from the first days of life.

This perfectly normal-looking cat has an amazing ability - it attracts metal objects! Kotofey - Magnet can take its rightful place among the most skilful thieves attackers, he pulled about 20 cords of keys belonging to neighbors. First, the secret key disappeared, no one could unravel, until one day Kirsten, the owner of Milo, did not see her striped one stolen from someone's bunch, magnetized to the fur at her throat. In fact, no super-powers Milo there - the owner has provided a magnetic cat collar so he could open the metal door.

In the US state of California has passed a competition for the title of ugliest dog in the world. The winner was a mongrel named Yoda - a cross between a Chihuahua and Chinese Crested dog. The success of the dog has become a growing tufts of hair hanging out of the mouth and tongue, hairless legs. Yoda weighs less than one kilogram.

In the middle of the last century American painter Charles M.Shults came up and drew little dog Snoopy - anthropomorphic beagle, earned massive popularity. And today, the cat has achieved worldwide fame in China, and whose name - Doggie Snoopy (Snoopydog). Probably, this wonderful creature, from the sad little faces that can not be so simply to take and break - the most popular representative of the cat family in the world. His mistress, Miss Ning, said he did not expect such a fuss about her pet, when I started to spread its image to the network. We have Snoopy on the page in all the world-famous social networks: in Instagramme being followed 190,000 people, Weibo - Chinese equivalent of Twitter - 275 000. It even has its own page to Facebook.

Draws the horse became a sensation on the Internet. A horse named Cholla not a simple pet - she was an artist. Her paintings are exhibited even in Italy.



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