Photos that are impossible to look indifferently

They say that picture can tell more than a thousand words.

Hope dies last

Cat House


One of the best pictures on the version of Red Bull Illume 2010

Ordinary Miracle

The little boy is going to ask Santa to his father returned from Iraq. He does not know that his wish will come true right now ...

"Thank you" to veterans

Feats priceless

A faithful friend

Russian forest

This picture is made up of 365 photographs that were made every day from the same place.

The passage of time


On the roof


Jesus saves

Give five


Love your enemies

The struggle for supremacy

The sergeant, his wife and their unborn child



Future artist


When diligence scares

Photo Children's Choir from North Korea. Diligence and discipline - it is certainly good. But in this case for children a little scary.

Grandmother caring

To ears were freezing.



Who are you?

Panda on the plane

Panda on the way to Edinburgh Zoo.

Shooting Titanic

Cartoons like all

Love for all ages

The celebration of March 8 in Belgrade.

Smoking - harm


"My 3-year-old son Charlie - says the author of the photo - made friends with this caterpillar and called her not only as Worm-dog».

Forests of giant redwoods

Man dog friend

Sunset life

Santa says goodbye to his grandson.


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