In American shopping malls in 1989

Teens and young adults, tusuyuschiesya in shopping malls. Sound familiar, does not it? Although of course in the late 80's we did not have any shopping centers, and the young had to "droop" in the streets. And in the States, they seem to have always been. And especially closely associated with youth culture, becoming a meeting place, entertainment, parties and adventure.

In this collection you will find pictures taken in different shopping malls in the US way back in 1989. It was then that 20-year-old photographer and filmmaker Michael Galinski, taking with him a friend went on a long journey across the country to capture the lives of Americans in a wide range, but there are similar to each other malls.

1. Sebastian Hamilton and Michael Galinski next to his car during a trip to the country two decades ago, when they made these pictures in malls. The journey lasted six weeks - the guys had left New York and arrived at North Carolina State.

2. "In those days, shopping malls have become a new gathering place for the public, a new community center, where people can communicate," - said in an interview Galinski "These pictures were taken in the days before the Internet, and mobile phones, to the Gulf War, while in shopping centers could smoke. It was the mysterious period of time, when everything was ready for a change, "- he says. "Sometimes, when take pictures, you do not know what this is and what is not 20 years later." Galinski Who collects the money to publish your multimedia project "Mall of America" ​​in the form of a book.

3. The bigger the hair - the better.

4. Lost Relic - tape cassettes.


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