City traffic. Ghetto workout

How would you react to a group of 30 young, strong young men in sportswear, who marched from the metro to the side yard? Scared? Well, certainly tightened. And hardly think that this is not the fans, not the skinheads and urban athletes - representatives of the movement Ghetto workout.

GW movement was born in the poor black areas of America, although in fact one form or another such training was attended by the residents of the ghetto worldwide. Due to lack of money to pay for the gym or go to a sports school, but often need to use physical force as a simple work and in street fights, young people engaged in the street, using the city as a large fitness center.

Moscow movement for 3 years. The guys are promoting this trend among young people. In the season-opening training session held every Sunday. In the end of the report I will give links where you can view the schedule and might want to join. Typically, the collection takes place in the underground, where an amicable column followed by the boys to the site


Usually area are parks, children's complexes, courtyards of houses

Once in the park there was a crowd strolling and moms with children hurried to leave their homes. But after some time, gathered a crowd of onlookers, who watched with interest what is happening. Pad slightly modified, for example hitched to her ring

After a short warm-up exercises, each starts


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