How to save money when shopping online stores?

Whether you're a shopaholic, or a hater of all that is associated with shops, sooner or later you have to buy something, whether it's clothing,
electronics, or simply ... ospadi Uggs :).
Buying over the internet priori profitable because stores have lower costs and thus markups.
But can additionally save?
- Of course!

How to do it:
Almost every self-respecting store from time to time carries out promotions and discounts to customers for promotional purposes.
One problem, get in the right store at the time of the stock to the desired product category - not a simple task.
Decision directories are discounts and promotions in the store, as an example -

How to work with the site?
1) Come to, continue to look in the left menu the desired product category.
For example, you are interested in discounts on footwear, clothing for children or for adults.
2) You can see a list of existing actions and choose the conditions of your store profitable.
If the next time you need to, say, tea, go to the electronics section, see who has the action at the moment.
As a result you get a product that you are going to buy, but cheaper, and often even with additional gifts.
In addition, each store on provided with brief information, reviews, and participates in the ranking of online stores Runet.

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