Warm landscapes Kevin McNeil

Kevin McNeil from Colombia photographs colorful landscapes in the most picturesque places of America, Canada and Europe. Then processes them as if they illuminate the setting autumn sun. A surprisingly rich, warm, affectionate picture in which you want to dive and stay there forever.

Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina Maunteyns

Overnight in central Finland

Evening field

Gullfoss waterfall in Iceland

Surface of a lake, New Hampshire, United States

Blue Lagoon in northern Iceland

Mountain horseshoe near the village of Page, Arizona

Sunset in Iso-Syöte in Finland

On account McNeil numerous awards, and critics consider it one of the best photographers in this genre.

We always travel with my wife. This way of life and the incredible joy of visiting new places. We are nowhere bound and we are happy.

Snow-covered plain, National Park Capital Reef, Utah

Sunset in Maine

Winter forest in Sweden

Out of nowhere, Vermont

Italian Riviera



Maui, Hawaii

Bass Harbor Lighthouse, Maine, Acadia Park

This planet is worth saving at various achievements in the industry. Nothing we do not really need, in addition to heat, food, and here this beauty.

Haleakala National Park in Hawaii

Night Venice, Italy

Overview mountain landscape

Lofoten Islands in Norway

Tuscany Region in Italy

Stranded river in the White Mountains, Maine

Rocks, Vermont

The artworks are exhibited in many galleries in the US, including the National Museum of History in Washington.

Twilight cars, Vermont

Twilight in the Iso-Syöte, Finland

Color, Zion National Park, Utah

Color life around the old church, the village of Stowe, Vermont

I believe that the planet is sharing with us their secrets that can only be detected when you start to stare. And it is important to share, otherwise why all this?

Church in Vik, Iceland

Exposure coastline Pemakuid lighthouse in Maine


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