How to creatively decorate your home for New Year

Great collection of useful ideas to creatively decorate your house, if you like to make jewelry with your own hands, and not to buy in the shops are the same as all.

For example, make snowmen out of the ordinary sock

Toys peanut

Origami Santa Claus

Christmas balls of yarn

Pasta Christmas toys

The Penguins of bottles

Snowflakes "Star Wars»

Wreath of apples and apple cup

Christmas toys bulbs

Mugs scarf

Openwork herringbone



Snowflakes Bead

Recipe for Cinderella

Snowflakes from plastic bottles

Star on a stick

Postcard with their hands

Balls of bottles


Ornaments from glue

Tin herringbone

Lace Ball

Wreath of clothespins

Tree of stationery buttons

Christmas tree sticks

Christmas background for photos

Bowl Cinnamon

Named ball


Wreath of molds for baking


Retro ornaments


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