Top 7 typos worth millions of dollars

A selection of top-7 minor errors in the calculations, which can lead to the loss of the incredible amounts of money, up to several billion dollars. How is this possible? Be sure to read further.

Lost hyphens NASA

The damage: $ 80 million

The hyphen - is not the most important punctuation mark, but in 1962, its absence in the code of the onboard computer of NASA worth $ 80 million. We are talking about the launch heading for Venus spacecraft "Mariner 1", which is due to a small mistake lost control and destroyed 293 seconds after launch. English writer and scientist Arthur C. Clarke wrote a few years later that the Mariner 1 was "destroyed the most expensive hyphen in history».

The case with the old ale

Damages: $ 502,996

The missing letter "p" in the name of 150-year-old ale cost the hapless seller over half a million dollars.
Several collectors know that have put up for auction a rare bottle of drink called «Allsopp's Arctic Ale», but could not find it, because the seller dropped the title one letter "p" and sold «Allsop's Arctic Ale». As a result of the auction was attended by only two bidders, and the bottle went for $ 304. Buyer corrected the error and immediately sold the bottle for 503,300 dollars.

Error in the Bible, to change the meaning of the commandments on the opposite

The damage: $ 4590

In 1631, English printers issued the Bible with an error in the seventh of
Ten Commandments - was missed particle "no". In their presentation was the commandment to sound like "adultery."
This Bible dubbed the "Bible adulterers", publishers fined three thousand pounds, and all copies had to be destroyed.

Pasta with racist bias

The damage: $ 20,000

The cookbook «Penguin», released in Australia, proved recipe pasta dish which was recommended seasoning "freshly ground black people» («freshly ground black people»).
It turned out that the cause of the scandal was the prescription error corrector, and this place was meant "freshly ground black pepper» («freshly ground black pepper»).
Responds already sold did not, but had not managed to disperse
7000 copies were destroyed and reprinted again.

The sale of shares at low, low prices dramatically

The damage: $ 340 million

In December 2005, a trader Japanese company Mizuho Securities has received an application for the sale of one share at the price of 610,000 yen per share. He mixed up the number of shares and price and, as a result, put up 610,000 shares at 1 yen. This error has caused chaos in the market, the collapse of the Nikkei index and led to the resignation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The damage amounted to $ 340 million.

Record an expensive advertising campaign

The damage: $ 50 million

In 2007, a car dealer in Roswell (New Mexico) came up with the "brilliant" publicity stunt: to produce and distribute 50 thousand lottery tickets, one of which was a prize for a thousand dollars.
But the company, which was to print the tickets by mistake they made winning everything. That is the total amount of winnings amounted to 50 million. Unable to pay the debt, car dealer promised to give for each win a ticket for a gift certificate valued at five dollars.

Exotic vacation becomes erotic

The damage: $ 10 million

A few years ago the tourist company from California «Sonoma» decided to place your banner in the directory "Yellow Pages." When advertising beginning to bear fruit, they realized that badly mistaken.
Instead of "exotic travel" in the directory have been promised "erotic." As a result, the company received the popularity not on that counts. Error printing cost 10 million dollars seized at their Travel Company.



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