The most expensive fish in the world

The most expensive aquarium fish in the world, perhaps, is - a rare platinum Arawana.
It is 40 centimeters graceful creation belongs to the Singapore breeder Aro
Dynasty. But why this fish has such an incredible price? All because of its flawless
body color fish without a single blemish. Namely, the rarest of colors makes
platinum satisfy participants most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

His unique coloring platinum Arawana acquired as a result of natural mutations. This species was named South American Arawana Osteoglossum. It is the pride of the owners of elite aquariums. So prized only representatives of this species, other species Aravan, usually cost much cheaper. All expensive aquarium fish, one way or another, are exclusive.

Most of the uniqueness of having to pay a lot of money, and, despite this, many people prefer to buy expensive exclusive copies of only certain dealers. Sometimes it happens that a particular mutation makes them the rarest of the rare. In this case, the price is just above the clouds. It is a unique mutation made platinum satisfy participants most expensive aquarium fish in the world. It has a perfect monochromatic white color, even in the back, which is not typical for Aravan. Several years ago, the British importers, this fish was offered at 200 000, but this was rejected by them megatsena.

Rare species of platinum Arawana extraordinarily beautiful and graceful. Hold on its acquisition can not even defect of the right eye, which mows down a bit. This common flaw Arawana purchased because of the content of their captivity, where food swims by in the water column, and not located on its top surface. In nature, these fish with surprising grace jump out of the water to catch a live feed. It is said that the owners of expensive Aravan exposed fish cosmetic surgery, corrected this defect is acquired.

Incredibly, the owner of the most Aravan, breeder seahorses, was proposed price per fish in $ 80,000, but he refused to sell it. Dino Dynasty stated that the rare fish is now generally not for sale. This unique Arawana unique not only in Singapore but also throughout the world. Collectors of rare species of fish are very concerned about this statement, because to see the unique platinum satisfy participants in among their living exhibits would many, in spite of its high cost.

As works of art, this fish is expensive, and if to some collector still be able to get exclusive satisfy participants, then its value will rise immediately. Such an instance would be definitely proud and a favorite of even the most unique collection. Naturally, the owner of a rare Arawana would instantly become famous worldwide among the elite of collection.

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