The actor, who did not like in the movies

Actors who decided to change his profession after his first debut in the movie. Read more.

Ariadne Richards ("Jurassic Park", "Tremors»)

Trained as a painter, earned a degree in art and now paints.

Writes well, I must admit!

Barret Oliver ("The Neverending Story»)

Posted in Scientology, engaged in printing, wrote a book about the history of photography and typography. In her review, even praise.

Carrie Henn ("Aliens»)

She took on the role because she was an only child, who was not smiling on listening while reading their sentences. Went from Los Angeles because her father relocated to another military base. Works as a teacher.

Charlie Korsmo ("Dick Tracy," "Hook," "What About Bob?»)

Became a lawyer, involved in politics, he is now a professor at a university, teaching law.

Jake Lloyd ("Star Wars. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace," "Jingle All the Way," "Get off Stars»)

Decided to do away with acting after humiliation at school. Again, all my fault Jar Jar Binks!

Jonathan Ke Quan ("Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," "The Goonies»)

Played in two very successful projects, he became an actor. He became interested in martial arts. True, he is still working in the film industry - stunt, such as "X-Men».

Mara Wilson ("Matilda", "Miracle on 34y street", "Mrs. Doubtfire»)

Graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in New York University, but became a writer.

Noah Hathaway ("The Neverending Story»)

Sometimes playing shit like "Sushi Girl", but prefers to design motorcycles, which is involved in racing.


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