A selection of delicacies that are worth a try

Australia: Pie-float

Pie-float is famous as a deliverer of a hangover. This meat pie floating in a bowl of thick pea soup. Sometimes it is seasoned with tomato sauce and vinegar. This dish is especially popular in winter.

Austria: Wiener Schnitzel

This dish is considered a symbol of Austria. Classic Wiener Schnitzel is a very thin piece of chipped beef, breaded, fried until golden brown in a large amount of fat or butter. As a side dish to it, as a rule. serves potatoes or rice, and decorated with lemon and parsley.

Argentina: asado

Grill to cook asado will find in every self-respecting Argentine family. In essence, this is meat cooked on the coals, but the taste of it depends on many subtleties, and usually these men do - Asador. The composition of dishes include meat, sausage, gland, kidneys, and blood sausage. Asado served with bread, salad, chimichurri sauce and red wine.

Belgium: mussels with fries

This dish can also try in other countries - such as France or the United States, but the first to come up with a delicious combination of ingredients is the Belgians.

Mussels are prepared in many different ways (in wine, oil, herbs and tomato sauce) and served with salty, crispy fries. Holodnenky and drink Belgian beers.

Brazil feijoada


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